Hardfloor – 3 Track EP – Hardfloor

Hardfloor are back with a 3 track ep on their own label.  Very much looking forward to trying them out on a big system…  all three track carry a fir bit of weight. My pick of the bunch is probably the first track Attention, Attention! Hijacked synths!.  It will cause absolute mayhem.


You can listen to it here and order directly from Ollie and Remon

There is also a second 12 out with a more classic Hardfloor feel, still with the 303 mayhem and also available from their website

Etcher – Vapor People – Pastamusik

As far as i know, these guys/this guy/has only put a few 12s out, which were well worth picking up on Abstract Acid.  This release release follows on nicely where the other ones left off bringing you 4 tracks of 303 based goodness.. intricate 303 patterns makes for some extremely nice tracks..  Highly recommended


Listen here


Thnks to P Littler for the heads up



Decius – Bread & Butter EP – MAMSW12

If you’ve been sleeping on this label, i suggest getting on it because there has been some absolute gems..  anyway.on to things of a current nature..and the forthcoming 12 from Decious.  Delving into the dirty world of sleezy acid house…  thoroughly recommend this at volume..preferable in a hot sweaty club…..  Ill have to wait and see if the opportunity arises to play it at one….

Listen here

Mark Forshaw – The Fuck – Berceuse Heroique

Berceuse Heroique is not a label you’d immediately associate with acid house but have been responsible for a catalogue of quality releases spanning Techno, Electro , Electronic Soundscapes and even Dubstep, but let fly with a beast of an acid tracks from Mark Forshaw with a Hieroglyphic Being mix throw in for good measure.


Listen here –  Be quick – These dont hang around long